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Spa Packages

1. ESSENCE OF KERALA (Spirit of Ayurveda) – 2 hours 30 minutes – Rs. 7500

Essence of Kerala package is wellness package inspired by the basic Ayurveda principles of health and wellbeing. Useful after and before and hectic journey or long hectic work to tune up your body  mind with nature. This session combines a series of traditional Kerala therapies starting from stimulating Ayurveda marma massage which helps to enhance the vital energy points in the body, improve circulations, reduces stiffness and energies the nervous system.  This is followed by the hot herbal pouch massage to ease the muscles and joint stiffness and to soften the muscles. This is followed by “Shirodhara” a continuous medicated oil that streams from a hanging pot onto forehead and scalp followed by gentle head massage.

2. Jet Lag reviver/Stress Buster – 120 minutes – Rs. 6500
Body Scrub Marma Head Massage – Swedish therapy

The ritual starts with a soothing aromatic scrub to exfoliate and re-energize your skin. This will be followed by a de-stressing and rejuvenating Indian marma head massage  to activates vital energy points on head and face which can fine tune your mind clock. The treatments end with a highly relaxing Swedish or Balinese massage as per your preferred stroke of pressure in body massage.

3. Essence of Wellness for Women – 120 minutes – Rs. 6500
Scrub – Aroma Massage – Choice of facial

The is packages treatment starts with a relaxing exfoliation body scrub with will re-energize the skin and leave you refreshed and revitalized. This will be followed by a smooth aromatic body massage to put you into deep relaxation. The treatment will be completed with a brightening facial to softens and smooths skin texture  with increased radiance and luminosity.

4. Essence of Wellness for Men – 120 minutes – Rs. 6500
Scrub – Balinese Massage – Choice of head massage/Herbal pouch therapy

The ritual starts with a detoxifying mineral rich scented body scrub will take out the impurities and enhance skin texture. This is followed by your choice of deep Balinese body massage to relieve the joint pain stiffness in muscles and promotes body circulation and energy flow. The ritual ends with a hot herbal pouch compress on effected areas or sound sleep promoting Indian head massage.

* GST applicable on the above prices.

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