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Senses & Elements Wellness Spa is our sincere understanding and passion for wellness, which we define as a way of life that focuses on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We are committed to delivering all aspects of wellness with integrity and honesty, providing inspiration for lifestyle change, in an environment that delights all the senses.

Take your body and mind on the journey of transformation as you enter the serene and soothing Senses & Elements wellness Spa. We have integrated healing and wellness modalities from various streams of healing with relaxing and pampering experiences. Let the healing hands of trained therapist ease away the stress of hectic urban life. All our therapies are highly therapeutic in producing the desired results, as they are based on science.

Get pampered with the treatments based on Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Eastern and western techniques and feel your body gets gently revitalized. Holistic therapies drawn from Ayurveda along with internationally influenced therapies soothe the senses and restore the vital energy within. 

Our sincere desire to be able to inspire our guests to make positive lifestyle changes begin here
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