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Management Solutions

Creating magic from the mundane…


  • Audit, Advisory, Restructuring, Training & Brand-repositioning services
  • Turnkey/Customized Management Solutions for operational support

Rewiring a business for continuous innovation, growth and upgrade, Thriphala’s suite of comprehensive and flexible post-launch solutions adds compelling value to any wellness enterprise. With a proven track record, we assist every wellness business in reinventing processes and customer points to realize commercial and financial objectives, while offering unparalleled guest experience. In addition to total solutions, we also extend our expertise to troubleshoot specific aspects of business operation, for one-time support, short-term consultancy/management, on-going operational assistance or full-time management.

Thriphala also specializes in Spa advisory and restructuring services to reposition struggling spa brands back on the growth trajectory. After a careful assessment of challenges, lost opportunities and potential, we present our findings and recommendations that may include radical changes to spa menu offering, spa design, guest service standards, and other strategies to strengthen operational and financial performance and improve long-term prospects and commercial viability.

What we do?

 Engaging actively in daily operations of your business, putting our heart and soul into creating the perfect guest experience, flawless execution of commercial objectives with passion and unwavering commitment to excellence…

Spa Advisory Deliverables 

  • Investigation & Evaluation of existing Spa structure
  • Performance audits, including financial performance review
  • Facility audits, Service & Training audits, including evaluation of guest experience
  • Review of Vendor, Lease & Management agreements
  • Prepare reports of findings with performance-enhancing recommendations
  • Define new realistic financial targets
  • Develop vision, mission, and strategy realignment
  • Realign spa styling to convey brand identity, desired ambience, and optimal guest experience
  • Add flexibility to Spa operations to embrace/accommodate changes
  • Redesign Spa menu to appeal to wider audience
  • Devise sales, & marketing strategies
  • *Apply digital & social media marketing collaterals for Spa promotion
  • *Implement new services to establish additional revenue avenues

Complete Management Solutions – Deliverables

  • Establishing ‘Leading Quality Assurance (LQA)’ standards with periodic & mystery audits
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to monitor Spa progress
  • Periodic visits/conference calls to offer guidance and direction to Spa management for achieving commercial/operational goals
  • Creating opportunities for upselling/cross selling Spa services
  • Regular upgrades to Spa services/menu to stay competitive
  •  Introducing theme-based therapies, new talent periodically
  • Engineering data-driven guest experiences
  • Designing membership/incentive/loyalty programs
  • Identifying and developing new revenue generation platforms
  • Assist with retail merchandising
  • Assist in Retail development of Spa by-products
  • Providing ROI-focused Inventory management solutions
  • Driving great bargains for clients through Strategic relationships with vendors/suppliers
  • Assist in staff recruitment

Provide diligent and cutting-edge staff training through regular workshops

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