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Wellness Program

Training and Ayurveda wellness program

Objective – To impart a thorough understanding of Ayurveda applications in Spa/wellness Programs, comprising live demonstrations of consultation and therapy for guests, with valuable insights from Dr. Yogesh Prabhakaran.

Duration – 10/15 days

Value Add-ons
• Ayurveda awareness training sessions for spa concierge, front desk personnel, sales & marketing teams
• Refresher training (fee applicable) to review, reinforce and upgrade knowledge & skills of spa therapists, as well as interaction with front desk personnel, sales & marketing teams

Thriphala Exclusive Wellness Program – Package 1
Ayurveda with an Ergonomics Edge to treat Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) – Research, Clinical Study & Outcome
Dr. Yogesh Prabhakaran

The most lethal battles are always fought in the mind, and the greatest of conflict resides within each of us. Stress is the root cause of any injury or pain. Maximum productivity demands at work place lead to high levels of mental stress and physical strain. Overuse of certain bone joints, muscles, nerves plexus and brain lead to a potentially debilitating condition called Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), when the rate of damage exceeds the body’s natural rhythm of repair.

Steeped in Ayurvedic tradition, Thriphala draws upon the disciplines of Ergonomics to adopt a holistic approach for treating Repeated Strain Injuries (RSI). By fusing an ancient tradition with contemporary practices, Thriphala most effectively addresses RSI and promotes improved human performance and productivity. Decades of rigorous research, continuous innovation and trials have led to the creation of effective, tailor-made, differentiated therapies to meet RSI challenges of various degrees.

A lot of research is vested in the design and development of Ayurveda Ergonomics Treatment Packages. Over the last three decades, my team and I have thoroughly investigated the different stages of Repeated Strain Injuries (RSI), and developed customized therapies to treat affected individuals.

Our researches and trails are differentiated in three level as mentioned below.

Systematic application of Ayurveda Panchakarma and subsequent treatments showed significant functional improvement and clinical benefits in hospital patients with chronic conditions including, Cervical Spondyloses (Neck sprain /stiffness), Lumbar spondylosis, IVDP, Disc prolapse, Carpel Tunnel syndrome, Trapezius myalgia, Insomnia, and high stress levels.

We selected several IT professionals and, sales professionals with jobs involving extensive travel – for the clinical study. This patient population was chosen, as they are more prone to prolonged wrong postures due to work demands. In this demographic, we studied the pre-disease symptoms progressing into full-fledged RSI. Our hands-on Ayurveda therapies in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle changes, postural training, scientific nutrition, and autophagy processes for removing exhausted/redundant/unwanted cellular components, showed spectacular improvement in this patient group within a short period.

This study based on ‘prevention better than cure’ philosophy was conducted on working professionals and travellers, susceptible to RSI. The research targeted de-stressed healing & rejuvenation of the mind-body grid to prevent the participant’s debilitating progress to RSI from simple pain symptoms.

The Ayurveda treatment package implemented successful ancient massage techniques with Marma (vital points) activation, hot herbal pouches and medicinal oils. The study participants reported freedom from pain and an overall sense of wellbeing, clearly establishing the nexus between Ayurveda, Ergonomics and wellness.

The duration and frequency of therapy is determined by the intensity of strain and stress inflicted upon the body and mind. Treatment sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. Online skype consultation with senior Ayurveda physician is available.

The tried-and-tested Ayurveda techniques help alter the inner sensory landscape of the body, create a state of restful awareness, recover the lost pieces, and rebuild an enduring physical-mental constitution. Lasting between 20 and 90 minutes, these proven, preventive maintenance therapies have supported wellness spas for more than a decade now. Thriphala provides training on these exclusive packages, custom-built for frequent travellers and professionals from all walks of life.

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