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Body Therapies

Manipulation of trigger points on the head and neck is administered to effectively relieve tension and ease you into relaxation and healing. Your journey within our spa, each treatment begins with an offering of a cool, caffeine-free beverage which is followed with a relaxing foot wash ritual to symbolically cleanse stress away. What’s more, we complete the experience with a hot beverage, and positive affirmation leaving you with a unique feeling of wellbeing.

EARTH (Senses & Elements signature therapy)  
60 minutes – Rs. 3000
90 minutes – Rs. 4500

Our signature therapy allows you to experience of destress in all three levels and innate power to rejuvenate, relax and detoxify. Starts with no oil stretching of body from feet to top followed by oil massages. This blissful experience seamlessly combines the goodness of energy cleansing, stimulation of trigger points, visualization techniques, aroma therapy, and breath awareness to bring about a Synergy of the Heart, Universe and Mind. 

Space – Swedish – Soft to medium
60 minutes – Rs. 3000
90 minutes
Rs. 4500

Our signature massage uses palms and fingertips to apply pressure with continuous strokes that flow rhythmically to stimulate blood circulation, iron out the knots and induce a state of total relaxation. The blended oil used for this massage promotes concentration and rejuvenates the spirit.

Air – Aroma Massage – Soft to Medium
60 minutes – Rs. 3000
90 minutes – Rs. 4500

Massage strokes ranging from frictional to relaxing are blended seamlessly to allow the body’s internal system to benefit from the properties of the blended oil. The oil enriches the skin and produces a warming effect to improve blood circulation and relieves tired muscles. This massage refreshes and renews the body.

Fire – Balinese – Deep Tissue
60 minutes – Rs. 3000
90 minutes – Rs. 4500

Originating from Bali, this is a deep pressure massage using medium-depth strokes and pressure points to reach below the superficial muscle layers.This massage helps to balance the energy centers and improve integration of your internal systems. The blended oil has properties that help relieve muscular tension, improve and balance subtle energies for a heightened sense of well-being.

Thai Massage – No oil Body therapy 
60 minutes – Rs. 3000
90 minutes – Rs. 4500

Traditional Thai massage works on the theory of intrinsic energy flow and energy balance to promote better health and healing processes.This massage concentrates on the careful application of pressure to distribute energy, release blockages and stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, energetic and free from stiffness. A natural fibre two-piece outfit is worn during this massage.

ADD ON therapies/Express Services

Foot Reflexology

30 minutes – Rs. 2000

Soothing Back Massage

30 minutes – Rs. 2000

Indian Marma Head Massage

30 minutes – Rs. 2000


45 minutes – Rs. 2400


45 minutes – Rs. 2400

Ayurveda Therapies
Abhyanga – Ayurveda Marma Massage – 60 minutes – Rs. 3000

Whole body massage is performed using selected medicated oil is done in classical Kerala style by one therapist. Using combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes along with marma(vital energy points) activating techniques. This special massage will relieve you from stress and strain improves the circulations, energy flow and promote sound sleep

Shirodhara45 minutes – Rs. 3800

In this therapy-marma points of head, neck and shoulder are getting activated with soothing strokes. followed by medicated oil are allowed to stream onto forehead and onto the entire scalp as the therapeutic had massage is performed. This one is the most popular among the Ayurveda therapies, as it not only enhance the mental relaxation but also cools the head and synchronize the brain waves and promote sound sleep.

Hot Herbal Pouch Therapy – 45 minutes – Rs. 3400

In this treatment specific, specific herbal leaves powders are bound into a bundle and soaked in warm medicated oils and applied externally to the different part of the body. A medicated oil application will execute in prior to this. This therapy useful to to treat generalized body pain ,stiff joints, low back ache, sciatica and similar ailments.

Indian Marma Head Massage 30 minutes – Rs. 2800

To take away the stress and induce sound sleep. Activating the Marma-vital energy points on head and face.

Face Therapy
Express Facial – 30 minutes – Rs. 2800

The plant based deep cleansing mask is ideal for skin exposed to daily modern polluted air, which helps to absorb impurities to leave the skin purified with a matte finish, well suited for oily and acne prone skin.

Hydra Moist (for dry) – 60 minutesRs. 4200

The gentle yet effective deep cleansers helps in removing debris collected due to environmental aggressions, on all kinds of skin. Goodness of Hydra serum helps in improving natural hydration to reinforce the defense potential of the skin, while smoothing  and toning it .

Acne Defying – 60 minutes – Rs. 4200

A vital treatment designed keeping in mind the necessities of acne prone skin, mild gel exfoliation of fruit acids helps to effectively deep clean the impurities and prevents dispersion of harmful bacteria. The trace elements and mineral salts of magnesium and sodium found in the deep cleansing mask help in revitalizing and oxygenating the skin.

t – 60 minutes – Rs. 4200

Matured skin is characterized by loss of moisture which results soon in appearance of ageing signs; hence this facial aims at recovering the skin’s natural hydration level. Skin care cream with collagen and thermal mask with orange work collectively to fulfill matured skin’s need.

Brightening Facials will brighten your skin and reduce the signs of sun damage. Chroma White Skin Lightening Facial. Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment

SOUNDARYA facial         
 60 minutes – Rs. 42000 
For all skin types

An ancient secret of Indian beauty. This complete facial treatment uses natural products to suit specific body types. It deeply cleanses and removes toxins, restoring the balance and elasticity of the skin. The main feature of this treatment is the gentle stimulation of the facial muscles that helps in balancing the marma (vital energy points) of the face leaving the skin supple and radiant.

* GST applicable on the above prices.

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